Customised parking systems for all sectors

 The latest solutions for a range of industries

At Parcsafe we work with organisations across a wide range of industries to ensure their carparks act both as a profit centre and as a customer and user convenience.

Below are some of the customised parking technologies Parcsafe can recommend to increase the useability and revenue of your facility’s carpark.

 Airport and Transport Hubs:

Carpark Management Systems, carpark pre-booking platforms, car counting, parking guidance, vehicle access control, pedestrian access control.


Customisable Carpark Management Systems that are especially designed for health services; pre-booking platform, car counting & digital signage, data collection and reporting.

Shopping Centre & Retail Developments:

Fast flowing access control, parking management tools, data collection with digital signage, and segregated staff parking.

Council & Government Agencies:

Carpark Management Systems, car counting and digital signage, vehicle access control with LPR, and pedestrian access control for secure locations.

Hotels & Accommodation Facilities:

Interfacing carpark access control with LPR, boom gates and swipe cards, and booking platforms.

Commercial, Industrial Buildings and Mixed-Use Developments:

Booking platforms, LPR access, vehicle, and pedestrian access control.

Education Facilities & Universities:

Vehicle access control to staff parking, Open Space car counting and data collection, 3rd party app interface.

 Stadiums & Conference Centres:

Vehicle access control, turnstiles and pedestrian access control, car counting and hostile vehicle mitigation.

 National Parks & State Parks:

Vehicle access control, car, bike and pedestrian counting, data collection, app and website interface.