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License Plate Recognition System – The Siram System

Update your parking revenue control system to touchless and contactless.

Talk to Parcsafe today to discover your options.

Highly accurate carpark access control

As the world becomes ever more digital, License Plate Recognition is becoming more common. You can use an LPR system as a form of access control, to restrict entry, allow only authorised users or simply take note of all number plates that have entered. 

LPR systems are simpler than a carpark management system (such as Codex), since it is not necessarily linked to payment, length of stay, or validation. Although some inferior systems have given LPR a bad name due to inaccuracy, the Siram system has been designed by software specialists to achieve extremely high accuracy – in fact at least 98.5% – all over the world. 

A License Plate Recognition system offers your patrons a “windows up” experience, where they can simply arrive at your carpark and drive straight in. 

Which facilities can benefit from a License Plate Recognition system?

  • Luxury residential buildings 
  • Industrial precincts
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • National parks
  • Traffic or vehicle monitoring situations

How do License Plate Recognition systems work?

LPR systems may use a number of different types of cameras – such as bollard, dome or bullet mounted – to capture license plate details from up to 12 metres away. 

These cameras are connected to the ethernet with a local computer controller to an online management portal (called Siram Access) which allows for remote management of number plates, blacklist, vehicle management, and user management.

Why choose a License Plate Recognition system?

  • Highly accurate – greater than 98% – read and comparison rate
  • A versatile and simple to use management system
  • Time schedules that restrict access before or after certain times for particular groups
  • Ability to split users into different groups and assign different permissions to them – e.g. visitors, residents, contractors, and staff
  • Can use two cameras for large lanes
  • Open API can integrate with other systems easily 
  • Can provide counts of vehicles in carpark or restrict access if carpark is full.
  • Anti-passback option
  • Integration with access control systems

License Plate Recognition system components

  • i-Compact hybrid bollard camera
  • i-Bullet zoom camera
  • i-Bullet traffic camera
  • i-Dome camera
  • Siram Access  (Online management dashboard portal)

Benefits of License Plate Recognition systems for carpark operators

When you install an LPR system in your carpark, you’ll benefit from:
Greater awareness of vehicle access into your property

  • Greater security
  • Monitoring of vehicle access
  • Simplified online vehicle access management
  • Reduced operational expense – no lost cards etc.

Benefits of License Plate Recognition systems for drivers

With an LPR system in your carpark, drivers will enjoy:

  • Fewer frustrations associated with accessing a site
  • A true “windows up” parking experience
  • The ability to assign multiple vehicles to one user

Find out more about License Plate Recognition systems for your carpark

Contact Parcsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation. We will show how we can increase your revenue and provide improved reporting, all while meeting the demands of today’s touchless requirements.