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Case Study: Parking guidance system

University of Delaware chooses the Parking Logix OpenSpace platform

When University of Delaware decided to remove its outdated loop-based parking lot gate system, the Parking Logix OpenSpace platform helped them count vehicle ingress and egress to keep track of lot utilisation.

The Client

University of Delaware is the largest university in the state with over 135 undergraduate degrees and almost 20,000 undergraduate students. The main campus in Newark is a sprawling suburban campus with three large garages and over 100 surface lots. In addition to everyday usage, the university’s theatre and music programs, student events, business meetings, and career fairs draw large crowds as well. Vehicle entry and exit has long been monitored by a gate counting system and a sign indicating when lots were full.

The Challenge

The gate system being used by the Newark campus was outdated and had exceeded its useful life expectancy. Cars entering and exiting the garage were often getting stuck when gates failed to operate. The University decided to go gateless at all of its lots. They wanted a new parking counting system that would provide simple and reliable counts of available spots in each parking area, without relying on traditional loops use for car detection at gate entry and exit areas.

The goal was to replicate the straightforward system they had previously with more up-to-date technology that would still be simple, accurate and easy to use.

The Solution

The Parking Logix OpenSpace system, equipped with OpenSpace Cloud, offers the University of Delaware the simplicity and functionality it needs to keep student traffic flow and parking moving efficiently and smoothly. The university explored several other systems but were drawn to the ease of use of the plug-n-play OpenSpace system. With no need to wire each spot, the simple in-hump sensors allowed the University to bypass expensive and time-consuming installation and were operational within a matter of hours.

The system was installed at the three campus garages, which contain close to 1,800 multi-use parking spots. An additional system was installed at one of the university’s popular surface lots which is used by potential students coming to tour the campus. Plans are in the pipeline for installation of solar-powered OpenSpace systems at additional surface lots throughout campus that contain over 500 parking spots.

The Benefits

The OpenSpace parking guidance system has made a huge difference in keeping the parking process moving smoothly at the University’s Newark campus. Students, visitors, and faculty members pay much more attention to the large variable message signs at the entry of each garage than the previous smaller FULL signs used with the gated system.

An OpenSpace parking system was installed by the city of Newark at a garage right outside of the busy campus as well. The city and university are working together to display availability data for campus garages at the nearby city garage as well to help students make better educated decisions about where to park. Jenni Sparks, the Manager of Parking Services at the university, is pleased with the OpenSpace parking system and how reliable and accurate its counts are.

“The signs really grab people’s attention,” Ms. Sparks commented, “the humps slow them down and the sign lets them know if they should enter the garage or move on to another. Students really like to know when space is available so they don’t waste time looking for spots where there aren’t any.

Find out more about the parking guidance systems for universities

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