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What to look for when choosing a parking management system

Ensure your installation meets today’s needs and future opportunities

When you’re installing a PARC solution in your carpark, it’s critical that you look for a system that will meet not just your carpark design as it is today, but also your business’s overall long-term goals for your parking asset.

For example, even though a ticketless system may seem most appropriate in a world still dealing with a pandemic, this may not be the best solution for every application.

A hybrid parking management system can handle multiple means of access; from staff parking with existing swipecard access; to remote access for selected clients through LPR, passcard, or QR codes; or entry passes with a QR code or 2d printed barcode.

Choosing technology with hybrid capability may allow you to offer a better client experience, ensure there is no revenue leakage, and provide a carpark management system that will adapt to the long term changes and improvement in technology.

The hybrid capabilities and adaptive nature provides a better customer experience, not only today but also for years into the future.

Hybrid technology means a parking management system can be suitable for anything from a small single entry/exit parking lot in a commercial environment, right up to a large multilevel application suited for airports, hospital and stadiums.

An excellent example of a hybrid parking management system is Codex by Orbility.

The advantages Orbility’s Codex parking management solution

An ideal solution for all types of installations, the Codex parking management system uses 2D barcode technology for its tickets, a system that offers many advantages over competing parking management systems:

  • Tickets are scanned rather than inserted into complex motorised readers, thus removing the risk of paper jams
  • It is easy to install and support
  • Maintenance operations are reduced to a bare minimum, thanks to fewer moving parts
  • Damaged or wet tickets can still be read
  • End customer experience is improved thanks to its ease of use (for instance fast parking ingress and egress)
  • It can be converted into a ticketless system
  • It can be adapted with ANPR or without. It ANPR can be added at any time in the future without major changes to the system
  • It is open to integration with 3rd party systems thanks to its IP/web services based interfaces

Transparency of system maintenance costs

The Codex parking management system features low maintenance costs. PARCsafe  will be happy to provide you with detailed costs of all spare parts at time of costing your system. This transparency will help you to calculate the total life cost of the system, rather than just the initial outlay.

Thanks to the robustness of Codex, the Multipark management system is globally recognised as the most comprehensive and adaptive system suited for any carpark operator.

Accessible carpark monitoring via a web app

Multipark Web allows total control of your installation both in terms of operation and management. Multipark Web can be adapted for all needs, from single fleet management to the centralised management of several close or remote fleets.

Accessible from a web browser, the ParkAccess web monitoring application provides you with a quick and intuitive connection to your parking system.

Find out more about parking management systems

For a system designed to meet the long term plans of your carpark asset, contact PARCsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.