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Collecting data from your healthcare carpark

Parking data that benefits your staff, patients, and more

OpenSpace parking guidance systems collect up-to-the-minute stats on parking availability. The system can be used in multiple parking lots and garages, with all your data aggregated in one central location. That means you’ll have access to parking data that’s accessible, useful, and intuitive.

The real time parking data that OpenSpace provides isn’t just a convenience. It’s powerful data that can be harnessed in multiple ways to benefit everyone. Your patients, administrators, medical staff, and essentially anyone who visits or uses your facility can see and benefit from your parking data.

Easily accessible parking data

Your parking data can be viewed and displayed in multiple ways, targeted to each user. For visitors and drivers who want quick, clear data, availability can be displayed on digital signs. These parking signs can be mounted at the facility entrance, and/or outside each carpark or garage. You can also display data right on your website, with instant updates as they happen.

OpenSpace also integrates with phone apps, so that drivers can see where parking is available wherever and whenever they need to. And for administrators, more detailed stats and reporting can be viewed in the OpenSpace Cloud.

Harnessing your parking data

When drivers can see exactly where parking is and isn’t available, they can make better informed decisions about where to look for a spot. This translates into a better customer experience before they even walk through your door.

But it also means increased timeliness for patients and medical staff. Finding parking faster means they can spend more time where they really need to be. And as an added bonus, OpenSpace reduces traffic congestion at your facility, since people will spend less time circling to find somewhere to park.

Valuable parking data insights

Instant data access offers many benefits to patients, visitors, and medical staff. Yet your parking data can do a lot more than even that.

It offers valuable insights to administrators so they can better assess parking needs and plan for the future. Detailed reporting and analysis in the OpenSpace Cloud gives you the intel you need to assess usage needs for your facility. You can see trends over time, what times of day are busiest, and which lots are frequented most. It can also be a valuable tool in pricing and permit valuations.

In summary then: what can parking data do for you? A whole lot more than you may have anticipated!

Get more information about OpenSpace parking guidance systems

To discuss the options for your healthcare carpark, get in touch with a Parcsafe technical consultant today on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.