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Ensure your carpark management system delivers the data you need

Introducing the Multipark carpark management system

As the name suggests, a carpark management system must fundamentally allow you to more efficiently manage your carpark assets.

Installing a carpark management system is no small investment, which is why it calls for careful consideration and planning.

Apart from ensuring you select the most suitable vendor for your carpark system, other critical considerations include:

  • Selection of system type
  • Ticketed, ticketless or hybrid
  • Layout, and
  • The driver experience for end users.

Then once the system is installed, you must consider the need for ongoing maintenance and support, and whether the carpark management system will provide you with the reports you need.

Selecting the ideal carpark management system

Despite these obvious requirements, it’s a fact that most carpark management systems cannot produce the information an asset owner requires.

You need accurate data to make strategic management decisions on issues such as:

  • Dynamic pricing opportunities
  • Expansion requirements
  • Tenancy occupation levels
  • Marketing to drive future business
  • Vacancy levels for new or future monthly parkers
  • Operational hourly costs compared to revenue hourly costs, to drive overall carpark efficiency
  • And much more.

That is why at Parcsafe we have partnered with leading international manufacturer Orbility to deliver the most complete Central Management System in Australia. The Multipark system by Orbility is fully scalable, which means it can be used for managing a single carpark or for multiple sites.


Features of the Multipark carpark management system

Multipark offers an impressive array of features, including:

EasyMonitor centralised remote monitoring tool is user friendly and comprehensive.

Configurable Graphical User Interface illustrates the real time status of all equipment, with clear screen icon indication of equipment alarms or faults.

Complete set of remote commands for each equipment type, allowing any workstation to:

  • Open or close a barrier
  • Reinitialise any equipment
  • Activate or inhibit local controls, such as a blacklist
  • Activate or inhibit local functions, such as vouchers, pass cards and decremental cards

Tracking and reporting of carpark occupancy:

  • By area, groups of areas or for the whole carpark
  • For a category of users, a group of categories or all categories combined
  • GUI display counters showing real time occupancy levels and free spaces

Automatic trigger of actions when occupancy reaches a configurable threshold, such as turning on a «Full » sign, halting ticket issue, or inhibiting entry for some categories of car park users.

Total centralisation of the management and configuration of one or multiple car parks from a screen.

EasyCamera integrated license plate management system for subscriber, pre-book and antifraud management.

EasyRes integrated pre-book system allows car park operators to interface their car parks with internet or travel agency reservation systems.

Pre-booked users can be identified by LPR, reservation code, or QR code.

EasyTariff, a user-friendly and comprehensive tariff creation and modification application that allows operators to create their own tariffs in a couple of minutes.

EasyWeb Report is a user-friendly and fully configurable web based generator that allows operators to create, modify and generate their own reports. It allows automatic reports or manual printing of financial or statistical reports either for fixed periods (day, month, year) or for date-to-date periods.

EasyBike allows allocation of special tariffs by detecting motor bikes or small vehicles.

EasyContract, a complete and integrated subscriber management application:

  • Create and modify contracts and subscribers
  • Assign and allocate pass cards to contracts users (up to 100,000 pass cards).
  • Extensions and renewals of pass cards
  • Management and reporting of blacklists.

Get more information about OpenSpace parking guidance systems

Insist that on your next installation your carpark management system is capable of providing you with comprehensive data on your carpark assets. To discuss your options, get in touch with a Parcsafe technical consultant today on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.