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Improving car parking for National Parks

How parking guidance systems can help visitors experience nature without stress

Dedicated parks and outdoor spaces offer a welcome refuge for people looking to unwind and recharge. They offer a respite from a world oversaturated with technology and the continual beckoning of screens.

But what if technology could actually improve the visitor experience? What if introducing parking technology to parks could jumpstart the human experience and actually help to enhance the tranquillity of the great outdoors?

Here’s how OpenSpace parking guidance systems help to make the experience enjoyable for visitors and tourists at your National Park or state forest.

Technology that simplifies parking

The outdoor life offers a return to simplicity, which is why it’s important that your parking technology embraces simplicity too. OpenSpace helps to simplify parking so that National Park visitors can spend their time experiencing the outdoors instead of a frustrating search for a parking spot.

Many National Parks have multiple carparks and parking areas, and some of them tend to be overcrowded while others are seldom used. Park rangers often manually count parking spots in each carpark to keep track of how many are available at any given time. The process is time-consuming, difficult, and a waste of the valuable resource that is park rangers’ time.

OpenSpace parking guidance systems offer a simpler solution.

Automated parking counting

The OpenSpace parking guidance system is a simple, intuitive, and elegant parking counting system. It takes the traditional, laborious idea of parking counting wired into each spot and turns it on its head.

The OpenSpace system involves sensors at the entrance and exit points of each carpark that keep exact counts of parking availability. It’s “plug-n-play” parking technology, with none of the wiring and installation difficulties of a traditional system. Plus it helps National Parks to better assess their parking needs while helping guide visitors right into available parking spots.

Parking data at visitors’ fingertips – and yours

Connecting your National Park’s carparks to the cloud via OpenSpace sensors opens up the world of data to your management and visitors. You can choose where and how data is shared to best optimise it.

For example, you can share real-time parking data on signs at your National Park’s entrance, outside each parking lot, on your website, or even in integrated apps. And you can also view detailed data and reports right from your desk, giving you the insight you need to make more well-informed decisions.

Get more information about OpenSpace parking guidance systems

Don’t keep counting cars manually. Try OpenSpace parking technology and simplify parking at your National Park. To discuss the options for your carpark, get in touch with a Parcsafe technical consultant today on 1300 987 645 or contact us online.