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How to keep non-customers out of your carpark

Why a Carpark Management System could be ideal for your asset

When the wrong type of people park in your carpark, it can be more than just a nuisance. If your carpark is consistently full with the wrong users, it not only causes frustration for tenants and residents, but also impacts on your tenants’ customers’ experience.

Other businesses will take advantage of your investment, causing loss of trade for your tenants. If your carpark looks full, it may dissuade genuine customers from even considering shopping with you or your tenants. 

Here are Parcsafe’s three top tips on how you can prevent non-customers from using your carpark, and maintain free spaces for your tenants and customers.

1) Identify who you want – and don’t want – to use your carpark

When thinking about managing carpark access, it’s important to clarify who you do and don’t want to encourage to use your facility. 

Ask yourself: exactly who are these “wrong people”? They may be:

  • Other businesses in neighbouring precincts
  • Commuters, or
  • People from your own area (such as staff) taking up customer spaces.

Then, determine who the carpark is actually intended for. Your authorised users may include:

  • Residents
  • Commercial tenants
  • Retail customers
  • Staff
  • Service contractors

In a mixed use precinct, you will always have at least two of these user groups to cater for.

2) Consider how these groups use your carpark

Think about whether your residents and commercial tenants have their own reserved or nested areas, and ensure that retail customers have quick access to tenancies. 

3) Consider ways to control the situation

A Carpark Management System can be the ideal way to keep non-customers from using your carpark. 

The system uses a vehicle identification method on entry into the carpark, which is used when the driver approaches the exit and uses the pay station (if applicable).

There are three vehicle identification methods to choose from:

  • Ticketed by scanning printed 2D barcodes
  • Ticketless using LPR cameras on entry and exit
  • Hybrid system, which combines both technologies for greater accuracy and the most automation

With help from a Carpark Management System, you can limit the number of undesirable carpark users and maximise the vacant spaces available for your tenants and customers. 

Get more information about Carpark Management Systems

If you’d like to know more about the right solution for your carpark, call the team today on 1300 987 645 or contact us online.