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How License Plate Recognition improves vehicle access and security

The business case for upgrading your carpark with LPR tech

Also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), License Plate Recognition (LPR) is an integral part of ensuring your carpark meets the needs of today’s drivers – including potential customers, employees, visitors or residents.

As well as facilitating a smoother and faster entry and exit from your carpark, LPR can provide a safer parking experience by making the entire process touchless and contactless.

In this news post we’ll look at why, whether you’re designing a new carpark or upgrading an existing facility, you must consider the latest LPR technology.

How does License Plate Recognition work?

LPR systems use highly accurate digital cameras to automatically recognise vehicles’  number plates and allow automatic entry and exit to a carpark.

The latest LPR cameras are a single device that integrates everything necessary in order to provide the highest reliability rates worldwide. They incorporate web-based configuration and a remote control zoom lens that makes the unit setup easier and more automatic than ever.

LPR will always ensure that access through a gated (or boom gated) entry system is faster, providing less queuing than a traditional ticketed system or swipe card access. Then on exit, the ticketless LPR system automatically raises the boom gate as it recognises that parking has been paid for.

Regular users such as staff or residents can have their license plates pre-loaded into the system through whitelists to allow unimpeded entry.

LPR also offers increased security in your carpark thanks to its high definition cameras, which along with licence plate details can provide facial recognition and pick up time of entry by interfacing with the CCTV system within the carpark.

In new build carparks, LPR access has the potential to save considerable build costs and improve architectural appearances by eliminating the need for centre-of-driveway access control bollards. The installation of centre-of-driveway access control bollards can sometimes create the need for additional structural support columns or concrete hobs, which consume unnecessary space in the lower or upper levels.

By removing the need for this infrastructure, LPR can save thousands of dollars by freeing up this space and negating any potential structural issues.

Touchless and contactless technology in a post-pandemic world

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has emphasised the need for consumers to minimise contact with high traffic touch points. LPR technology lets you offer completely touchless and contactless entry and exit to your carpark.

Instead of drivers needing to touch a button on entry to request a ticket, License Plate Recognition automatically offers a ticket. Then on exit, the system allows a touchless exit by raising the boom gate when it recognises that the driver has paid for parking.

Combined with other technology such as 2D thermal barcode printing and scanning, Pay on Foot (POF) systems set to accept payWave credit card payments only, or utilising an app or QR code to automatically go to a payment page, load in your number plate, and your parking is paid. This allows the seamless payment experience to ensure that parking is becoming truly contactless.

LPR technology for residential buildings

In high end residential buildings, LPR provides a seamless entry and exit for residents and visitors.

The system can be pre-programmed with residents’ license plate details to allow swift and unimpeded entry for authorised vehicles. Since the cameras automatically pick up residents’ number plates, there’s no need to swipe in before the barrier or gate is opened.

Access for visitors or maintenance staff can easily be arranged by loading their details into the system using an authorisation code. They can then enter the premises without needing to access an intercom – and when their visit is over, can easily be removed from the system.

In the unfortunate event that you ever need to deny carpark access to staff or residents, it’s a simple matter to remove authorisation with a pre-programmed whitelist LPR system.

The future benefits of License Plate Recognition LPR technology

As contactless technology becomes increasingly in-demand, Licence Plate Recognition will be seen as a necessity rather than a luxury.

For example, in future commercial environments LPR technology can be integrated into a completely touchless parking system for employees. After allowing entry the system will coordinate with the parking management system to guide the driver to a free space – and then arrange for a lift to reach the carpark level the driver has arrived at, and then take the employee directly to the floor where they work. All without the need to touch any part of the system!

It’s clear to see why LPR will soon become an integral piece of car parking technology.

Find out more about the latest License Plate Recognition systems

To find out more about the latest LPR technology, contact Parcsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.