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A new concept for pedestrian access control gates

Introducing the dFlow access control system

Gates with doors that are normally closed are behind the times. Forget having to wait for each user to pass before the next can be validated.

Actually, forget everything you know about gates!

In partnership with our supplier Digicon, PARCsafe has introduced the “free flow” concept for access control gates to the Australian market.

dFlow is a free flow access control system that ushers in new levels of comfort and security. Instead of users being obstructed, they are instead welcomed with a fully open passageway and a distinctive system of visual identification.

With dFlow, PARCsafe is now helping our clients to revolutionise their internal pedestrian access control with a new vision – one with continuous flows and normally open doors.

What is a free flow access gate?

It’s a whole new concept. By contrast with traditional gates, where barriers are normally closed, free flow doors are normally in the open position. It is this new paradigm that differentiates a free flow gate from all those available until now.

Although it seems that dFlow is always open, it actually does have doors which close when unauthorised individuals (including piggybackers and tailgaters) try to pass through the gate. The closing mechanism is quick and precise, employing a modern imaging system that feeds data to sophisticated algorithms. These control the acceleration and position of the barriers based on the location, speed and direction of movement of unauthorised users.

Traversing the gate becomes a more pleasant and faster experience for authorised users, while gate security is increased to unprecedented levels.

dFlow is the first gate that fits perfectly within the free flow concept.

Benefits of the dFlow access control system

Flexible free flow access with normally open doors

dFlow is not just an evolutionary product: it represents a whole new category in access control gates. Developed by Digicon, this technology is able to detect – with high levels of accuracy – one or more users moving in any direction within the passage area.

This precision allows authorised users to encounter open doors that will only close when unauthorised users are detected. The experience is pleasant and safe while economical in energy usage.

Doors are closed only when necessary

The dFlow’s sophisticated doors are fast moving swing gates. Advanced algorithms allow them to close at a velocity proportional to the speed, position and direction of one or more unauthorised users in the passage area. The doors open again as the unauthorised users move back and away from swing gates.

Distinctive coloured windows identify user groups visually

Indicative LED “windows” follow the user through the gate, with different colours for different user groups. For example, in a school application students can be followed by a green window, educators by a yellow window, and authorised family members by a blue window. A red window can follow unauthorised users.

dFlow’s flexibility allows other user groups to be identified by a wide range of colours. The result is more comfort for the user and more security and information for the access control system.

Innovative imaging system ensures safety

The dFlow imaging system is equivalent to an almost infinite number of traditional IR sensors, bringing a new level of precision in the identification of unauthorised users. Algorithms accurately identify people and ignore objects such as bags, hats, caps, backpacks, cell phones and others. They can also identify and track multiple users entering or leaving the passage area.

The result is very reliable identification of tailgate and/or piggyback attempts. The imaging system can detect unauthorised users in front, behind or even beside authorised users.

Providing unique access credentials for each user

dFlow is the first gate in the world capable of individualising users in the control software – even in extreme situations such as tailgate and side-by-side passage. At the time of access validation, the sensors and algorithms identify the valid user’s position, associate a non-transferable credential and follow their movement throughout the passage area.

Accurate monitoring software

The dFlow monitoring software allows you to remotely view everything that goes on in the passage area in real time. It also allows you to

  • Control the flow
  • Identify security events, and
  • Issue complete access control reports.

The application displays a visual simulation of what the sensors are tracking, assisting supervisors in identifying fraud attempts.

Identification technology offers agile, precise access authorisation

dFlow accepts traditional identification technologies, such as bar code, RFID, MIFARE and fingerprint biometry. The integration with these technologies follows normal patterns used in traditional gates and turnstiles.

dFlow is also ready for the new biometric contactless technologies that are emerging: facial or iris recognition and “finger on the fly”. These new concepts provide even more speed and a fully contactless experience for the user, which are perfectly aligned to the new free flow paradigm.

Bidirectional flow for comfort and space optimisation

dFlow can be configured for unidirectional or bidirectional access in widths ranging from 500mm up to over 914mm. By precisely identifying unauthorised users, dFlow technology permits a 914 mm (36”) gate to be used by ordinary and special needs users with the same or better effectiveness than traditional 560 mm (22”) or 711 mm (28”) gate.

Using dFlow in larger widths allows for a more pleasant user experience and provides comfortable, simultaneous bidirectional passage, resulting in a reduction in the number of gates needed in a project. This customisation flexibility increases your project options, while reducing costs and space used.

Find out more about dFlow access control gates

As a new concept in access control gates, dFlow provides a new experience for users. Contact PARCsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.