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How to offer your customers a better parking experience

A look at how OpenSpace smart parking helps create happy customers

Stressed out customers are not good for business. It’s why you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money carefully designing your business’s interior and exterior to enhance the customer experience.

But how many people walk through your business’s front door frustrated and stressed because it took them too long to find parking?

If your parking system isn’t intuitively guiding people into free parking spots, you might not be creating a positive experience with easy, stress-free parking.

Whether your business is an entertainment venue, retail shopping centre, or even a commuter carpark, smart parking systems like OpenSpace are ideal for helping to direct drivers right to available spaces. They eliminate the stress of searching for parking and help customers get to your products or services faster. It’s good for their spirits – and your bottom line.

How does smart parking with OpenSpace work?

OpenSpace is a simple intuitive counting system that uses sensors at entry and exit points to keep count of your available parking spots, even over multiple parking lots or on multiple levels.

Unlike traditional parking counting, which needs wires in every single parking spot, OpenSpace is a simple wireless, “plug and play” system. It eliminates the lengthy and expensive process of installing wires, cables, and conduits to connect each spot.

Importantly, OpenSpace delivers the same accuracy as a wired system for only a fraction of the price.

Smart parking data helps you improve the customer experience

The OpenSpace parking guidance system lets you share parking data with your customers via multiple channels, so that they always know what to expect.

You can show customers where parking is available on bright, customised LED signs; choose to post signs at your entrance and/or at each carpark entrance; or share parking data right on your website. And for users who prefer apps, OpenSpace data can be shared on a variety of integrated parking apps using its API.

Find out more about OpenSpace smart parking systems

Don’t let your customers waste their time and good mood on trying to find a spot. Streamline the parking process and start the positive experience the moment they drive into your carpark.

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