Demand for carparks sure to remain

A recent article published in posits that millennials are buying cars once more. Yes, the group that shunned personal vehicles are buying them in very large numbers.

Although the person quoted in the article claims to dislike car ownership – and is concerned about the future of our cities because of it – he bought a car anyway.

What is interesting is the reason for the purchase: fear!

Yes, these healthy young people (all under 35) are afraid to ride in rapid transit, trains, Uber or Lyft, or even rent a car, for fear of catching COVID-19. Their progressive politics, environmental causes, and anger at congestion and air pollution, were all put aside thanks to the fear of possibly catching the virus.

In the Atlantic interview, this young man didn’t mince words. He was afraid.

For those of us who make a living dealing with the storage of cars, there is an upside to this epidemic of fear that has the younger generation in its grip. The more cars, the more that need to park.

For instance, according to the article, young people are finding that if they own a car, they can partake in more activities than they could without one. Visiting the country for picnics or hiking is difficult on rapid transit. Making a quick decision to go to the beach might be impossible if your only way to get there was through a car rental.

It also turns out that owning a car means that you have more flexibility in your choice of jobs, and therefore you might be able to find a more lucrative or interesting position that was outside walking distance of the metro or bus stop. In every case, you have to park your car somewhere.

These folks actually discovered that purchasing and owning a used car actually costs very little more than taking Uber or Lyft or renting when necessary.

Perhaps they will find, as their parents and grandparents did, that car ownership is actually a good thing. The freedom and flexibility of having transportation at your fingertips far outweighs a crowded bus, train, or the “who rode here last?” Uber.

Welcome to car ownership, my friend. You are gonna love it.

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