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Announcing PARCsafe’s partnership with AVANT vertical gates

Innovative European-made gate control systems

PARCsafe continues to bring leading global innovations to the vehicle access control industry in Australia – such as with our latest partnership with Avantgates SMOES srl.

Avantgates was born thanks to innovative ideas over 50 years ago. Their experience gained in the hydraulic industry over this time has revolutionised the way we think about automatic gates.

During this extensive period, Avantgates have utilised this experience with the utmost attention to detail. They use quality components and innovation to provide a guarantee of reliability and the most technologically advanced product range.

Creating a superior automatic gate system

Avantgates utilises low maintenance, low power consuming hydraulic motors (max 1.1KW) with the ability for manual override in the event of a power failure.

The result is a gate control system that offers many benefits over traditional swing or sliding gates systems:

  • Compliant to BRC standards (food packaging, storage, and distribution)
  • Heavy duty usage with high reliability
  • Low maintenance – motorisation does not require scheduled replacement
  • Opening and closing speed can be adjusted to according to customer requirements
  • Installation can take place with architectural constraints, such as:
    • Sloping entrances
    • Close to access ramps
    • Close to boat ramps
  • Avantgates can be installed:
    • In loading bays
    • With an opening greater than 20m
    • On corners in any configuration
    • To be utilised as a height barrier
    • As a balustrade for fall prevention in car platform lifts
    • To limit access to industrial machines / dock locations, and
    • Many more applications – in fact too many to note!

Find out more about AVANT vertical gates

Installing an Avantgates opens up the possibilities of your site and constrained access points. Contact PARCsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.