How the latest tech helps councils get more from their parking resources

Council carparks face a unique challenge. Unlike carparks for businesses, shopping centres, or hospitals, their customers aren’t limited to just one type. Local councils are charged with providing services and therefore parking for a broad spectrum of people, from business owners and shoppers, to government employees, people headed to medical appointments, commuters and first-time visitors to the area. 

Some drivers may have the same schedule every day, while others look for parking only occasionally, and some for a one-off visit. How can one carpark meet so many different needs?

There’s one factor with parking that doesn’t change – the need for drivers to find a space easily and without wasting a lot of time. 

Parking guidance systems allow people to find a car park faster, so that they can spend more time engaging with the city or region’s assets. This generates revenue not only for council carparks, but also throughout the local resources and attractions.