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What are the repairs & maintenance costs of parking guidance systems?

Why our solutions offer low to zero maintenance

For your business, there is little worse than greeting a tenant – or perhaps a sick patient – after they have just spent the last 15 or 20 minutes looking for a car space.

Yet many facilities fear to engage with a car counting (or parking guidance) system due to their perceived high costs of repairs and maintenance. There is also the perception that, if the recommended maintenance and repairs are not performed, the system typically won’t work.

At Parcsafe we have overcome these concerns.

Our ethos of offering low ongoing repairs and maintenance costs carries through to our complete range of parking guidance and car counting systems. This includes Open Space car counting and our individual space car counting system.

It means you’ll have the satisfaction of guiding staff, tenants or customers to available car spaces in the shortest available time. Parking guidance systems help improve performance and productivity with your staff and tenants, and allow customers or patrons to arrive happy and relaxed, now that their visit has started in the right way.

How OpenSpace car counting offers little to no maintenance

The OpenSpace system requires little to no regular maintenance on its hardware or software – which means it has no ongoing maintenance fees or charges. Once the hardware is in place, there is no day-to-day maintenance required.

When there are external issues or product deficiencies, they can be quickly remedied by local staff with minimal tools or labour required, with the help of Parcsafe support.

Maintaining individual bay sensors and camera-based guidance

As with OpenSpace, Parcsafe individual parking guidance requires zero maintenance in both its electrical and mechanical requirements and software programs.

Parcsafe can enter into low level agreements to keep the faces of the Ultrasonic sensors and camera lenses clean and wiped down regularly. But thanks to the units’ design, with their downward sloping faces, this is rarely needed.

If you require maintenance or technical support, Parcsafe provide phone and email support and maintenance during regular business hours as follows:

1800 987 645
6.30am – 5.30pm EST Mon-Fri

Your parking counting system and its related components (including cellular coverage) will be maintained and supported from Parcsafe’s Brisbane head office.

​Get more information about maintenance for parking guidance systems

If you’d like to know more about how you can install a car counting system with zero maintenance cost and software upgrades, get in touch with a PARCsafe technical consultant today on 1300 987 645  or contact us online.