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Repairs & maintenance for carpark management systems

Service packages to ensure your carpark offers uninterrupted accessibility

Providing guaranteed access to your carpark is fundamental to the operational success of your business, regardless of your patrons’ mode of transport.

After all, access to your facility is critical – whether it’s medical, a local commuter hub, open space area, commercial or mixed-use retail centre, shopping centre or hotel. If vehicles cannot get uninterrupted access to your carpark, your facility can’t be considered functional.

With functionality top-of-mind, installing a carpark management system is often associated with high service and maintenance costs to ensure their availability.

Yet this needn’t be the case. Here is how PARCsafe ensure that carpark management system reliability needn’t come with exorbitant pricing if the solution is carefully designed.

How Parcsafe’s partnership with Orbility ensures system availability

With our partnership with Orbility, Parcsafe have brought to the Australian parking industry over 50 years of experience in a world leader in innovative parking management systems.

Being a world leader doesn’t just happen. Orbility have utilised innovative designs to build their reputation for equipment that is easy to install and use, while also ensuring the operational performance incurs minimal expense with very low maintenance needs.

Preventative maintenance requirements for mechanical, electrical and software systems

Parcsafe offer 3 different levels of SLA to provide our customers with a service regime that suits their business modelling.

Service Level 1 allows us to train your on-site staff to provide all basic service requirements, along with trouble shooting on a regularly monthly basis. Parcsafe technicians are on-call to come out to your site as needed.

Importantly, Parcsafe will retain direct remote monitoring capabilities to all system installations, providing your technicians with the ability to check on details if required.

Service Level 2 includes all the training of Level 1 with the addition of engaging PARCsafe technicians to provide preventative maintenance every 6 months. They will provide a maintenance schedule for all mechanical and electrical components.

Thanks to the unique design of the carpark management system installed by Parcsafe actual on-site requirements are minimal, our time is minimal, and costs are low. This is achieved thanks to the Orbility CODEX system’s minimal moving parts and components that need servicing.

Software servicing is done on demand. Each client request is costed and competitively priced prior to engagement.

Service Level 3 includes full parts and service pricing for both hardware and preventative maintenance, along with on-demand software support. This ensures that each client has a total cost of ownership over a given 5 or 10 year period of time with no hidden surprises, upgrade costs, or excessive parts costing

On Level 3 servicing Parcsafe will provide you with annual costs which will includes replacement of any parts that faults or breaks down. To maximise uptime we will provide monitoring capabilities at all times, so that any likely parts failure is identified ahead of time. There are no additional labour costs, travel time, or parts pricing on a Level 3 SLA. Damage or parts breakdown due to user error or damage are not included in this SLA.

Software support on Level 3 is on-demand. We connect you with our engineers in Europe and you make your request directly to them through the online portal. Updates are conducted when required to ensure your system is always running at its utmost efficiency.​

Find out more about Carpark Management Systems maintenance

With the superior, low maintenance CODEX product range, Parcsafe can guarantee:

  • Over 90% of all requests for intervention are resolved in one visit
  • 70% of interventions are conducted and rectified remotely
  • National coverage in France, UK, USA and Australia, and
  • Detailed parts storage in Brisbane, with overnight air services to all major capital cities. .

If you’d like further information or clarification on our repairs and maintenance service, get in touch with a Parcsafe technical consultant today on 1300 987 645  or contact us online.