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5 reasons why your resort needs a parking guidance system

Help your customers find parking faster

Your resort’s marketing; your imagery; your landscaping; your website – they all promise your patrons the allure of an escape from the everyday.

So why should the first thing your customers encounter be a frustrating parking experience?

Here’s how a parking guidance system can help ensure that your guests arrive stress-free and ready to enjoy their stay with you.

1) Parking guidance systems can improve customer satisfaction

You don’t want disgruntled, frustrated customers arriving at your resort. But when people are wasting valuable holiday time looking for somewhere to park, that’s what you’re likely to get.

So instead of leaving customers to explore your resort’s carparks on their own, install a parking guidance system to guide them to available parking. A calmer, easier parking experience will be sure to increase customer satisfaction and enhance customer retention.

2) Offer your guests a “pampering” parking experience

Clear parking signage and app integration that shows customers where they can park is a great way to begin the pampering before your guests even enter your doors.

While some customers may use valet parking, many prefer to park their own vehicles. You can help them park far more easily at your resort by providing clear signage with up-to-date data on where they can find available parking.

With OpenSpace from PARCsafe your signs can show data for multiple levels or even multiple carparks so that guests can see the best place to find parking fast.

3) Get customer insights from your parking guidance systems

Parking guidance systems offer you detailed parking data and intuitive reports that can give you insights into customer behaviour and trends.

They can help you:

  • Find out when your carparks gets most crowded
  • Use insights to stagger arrivals, promote valet, or implement dynamic pricing
  • Fine-tune the resort experience by gleaning insights from the parking experience.

4) Make better-informed decisions about your parking

You can use the detailed data and reports from OpenSpace to make better informed decisions about your resort’s parking. See how much of your parking resources are being used, when, and how.

Use the data to determine if you should:

  • Build more parking
  • Close one of your carparks and add another pool or resort amenity
  • Monetise your carpark by sharing with another business

Data from OpenSpace helps you not just enhance the parking experience, but also shape your resort’s future parking decisions.

5) Parking guidance systems can reduce emissions for a cleaner resort

People looking for parking drive their cars at slow speeds around your property, producing emissions that pollute your resort grounds. Circling cars can also create an eyesore for guests who are simply looking to relax, ride their bikes, swim, or play golf.

Parking guidance systems can reduce emissions and create cleaner air at your resort by getting cars into spots, and off your roads, faster.

Get more information about parking guidance systems for your resort

A parking guidance system could be just what your resort needs to ensure a stress-free parking experience for your guests.

Contact PARCsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.