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How to secure reserved or staff parking in your carpark

Why PARCsafe smart parking barriers are the ideal parking guard

When you’re endeavouring to attract or retain quality people for your business, providing staff parking or having reserved parking areas for staff can be a critical offering. And it’s not hard to see why.

Picture yourself as an employee: you’re late for work and the traffic has been worse than usual. You’re getting later and later because more people are using private cars during the pandemic.

Finally, you make it to your workplace. You’re approaching the carpark and you’re ready to pull in to your designated space – but no! Even though it’s clearly marked, someone has parked in your space without your permission. You are forced to lose even more valuable time to find another parking space. Day ruined before it’s begun!

The problem of protecting reserved parking spaces

Unfortunately, this scenario is a well-known feeling for many employees. The problem of finding a parking space is growing – which means the problem of protecting your carpark is just getting bigger.

The world is changing fast. Cities are becoming overpopulated, and crowds are inevitable. As residential buildings grow, the number of parking spaces for tenants stagnates. Shortage of parking places results in the challenge of keeping other vehicles away from parking in your space.

Parking spaces for business buildings, properties and apartments without a garage are open and exposed to other vehicles that do not have parking permits, to sneak and take your place.

It all adds up to the need for a private parking space being more and more important. Yet the question arises – how can you protect a reserved parking space?

Parking guards to protect a private car space

Your best option is to keep and protect your car space – and prevent a situation filled with stress and frustration – is to install some type of parking protection.

Parking guards are efficient solutions for protecting and securing private and reserved parking places. They are more and more widely used in the protection of public and private parking spaces due to simplicity, safety and quality.

There are several types of parking guard, including:

  1. Boom gates
  2. Bollards
  3. Barriers

Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Boom gates

Also referred to as barrier gates, boom gates are often your carpark’s first line of security in restricting access to vehicles.

They can interface with a variety of access control measures including remote control, swipe cards, RFID tags, and/or ticketing machines for access to paid parking.

Applications for boom gates include carparks for education facilities, commercial and industrial offices and warehouses, and public and private carparks. They can also be used on roads and highways to control and/or restrict the flow of traffic.

Parking bollards

First used as safety traffic devices in 18th century London, the first parking bollards were made from old cannon tubes because of their weight and strength.

Today’s parking bollards have become quite sophisticated and are available in various types depending on your needs, application, additional options, and protection ratio. Bollards are useful for many standard and specialized situations, such as:

  • Bollards for traffic routing
  • Protective bollards
  • Parking bollards for marking parking areas
  • Lighting tracks

Parking barriers

While similar to parking bollards, parking barriers have sophistication that gives them character. Able to be used for multiple purposes, parking barriers keep other vehicles away from where they are not allowed to park. They are also easier to control than other parking guards: for example, you can let invited guests park in your space by allowing them to mechanically unlock the barrier.

Parking barriers are made of solid and high-quality materials that last for a long time and provide reliable protection. Their exterior is designed to withstand various shocks and collisions, and it has a resistance to radical changes in temperature (either low or high), as well as moisture resistance. Some barriers need to be manually adjusted, while others work remotely and have an alarm if someone is touching the barrier itself.

Selecting the right type of parking guard

Today’s age of ever-growing urbanisation means it’s harder than ever to find – not to mention secure – a private parking space. So while you absolutely need some kind of parking guard, each traditional solution has its pros and cons.

Boom gates are the best solution for larger parking spaces, and are ideal for residential and other facilities that have a garage. It is important to choose an appropriate boom gate for stability, low maintenance costs, and longevity, with a variety of access control options. On the down side, every carpark user will depend on that boom gate, which is also its weakest point.

Parking bollards are easy to set up and offer solid protection from unauthorised parking, and their look and design can be transformed into any desired shape and fit well into the landscape. However, bollards used to protect parking spaces are not strong enough to withstand shocks and collisions, and do not provide sufficient security for all situations.

Parking barriers, especially those that work automatically or remotely, are perhaps most suitable for most situations. This is because they offer simplicity and a high level of safety thanks to their solid materials that withstand all kinds of external shocks and elemental disadvantages.

The best all-round protection of parking spaces: PARCsafe smart parking barriers

Thankfully, there is now a product on the market that combines all the above-mentioned benefits while minimising their weaknesses – the PARCsafe smart parking barrier.

While boom gates are more suited to larger parking lots, the same technology is used in smart parking barriers. And where parking bollards have an easy setup, the Parklio barrier is also easily fixed to the ground, taking a total of 5 minutes to install. And parking barriers are convenient because they enable remote control, but PARCsafe barriers provide much more.

PARCsafe barriers have a modern design and unique functions – the barrier is smartphone controlled and resistant to external influences.

Aside from protecting your own parking space, PARCsafe barriers offer a unique ability to send temporary digital keys to your family or any guests who want to park temporarily in your parking place. It is solar powered and can automatically close when a vehicle departs.

Find out more about PARCsafe smart parking barriers

Parklio smart barrier is a parking innovation that meets modern development trends. Contact PARCsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.