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Securing your carpark with improved carpark management

Ways to maintain your carpark’s security

Car parking continues to provide challenges both in Australian cities and in the suburbs, as commuters shun public transport and opt for the safety of their own vehicles.

While this situation does provide benefits for the parking industry, it can also cause frustration for the owners or users of reserved parking spaces, when these new drivers opt to simply park in any space they can find.

In this blog the PARCsafe team look at the options available to carpark operators and car space owners, to ensure your carpark security is maintained and not breached.

Ensuring security in public carparks

Access to carparks has traditionally been divided into public car parks and private, reserved, or tenanted carparks. Public carparks are traditionally accessible through boom gates and a ticketed type system, which provides a constant source of revenue and also tracking information to carpark operators.

Today, these “traditional” carparks are often leased out to commercial parties for staff or reserved for visitor occupation.

Maintaining security in publicly accessible carparks is also a critical part of maximising the driver experience and the end-of-trip journey.

Ways to improve the driver experience through improved security in your carpark

To ensure they return multiple times, ensuring a good experience for drivers is crucial. Improving the driver experience can be done by:

  • Integrating an LPR with a ticketed system, so that all number plates are recorded on entry and exit
  • Providing a VoIP call button for greater communication with the help centre and allowing access to help on-screen in the event of stress or duress.
  • Interfacing company car spaces with data occupancy, arrival times and exit times to provide greater transparency and security around staff movement in carparks.
  • Providing more regular help call points that are connected to both security and emergency services, to assist with safety.
  • Integrating with “Find My Car” technology to assist drivers to find their cars in the fastest possible time, minimising unnecessary time spent in carparks.

Ensuring a clean protected floor, well painted walls, well maintained protection equipment, and good lighting will add to the mood of a carpark, enhancing the atmosphere of security and safety.

Find out more about carpark management systems

PARCsafe can help implement features to improve your carpark’s security, make it safer, and improve your client experience. Contact PARCsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.