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Vehicle flow control options

How to select the right solution for your carpark

Any carpark which is entered off a roadway – whether it’s a private residence, multi dwelling residential carpark, commercial or office carpark, or public carpark – will need to have a vehicle control method installed.

There are a number of control methods to choose from, ranging from secure roller doors, to sliding or hinging gates, right thorough to LPR access control or boom gates.

How do you decide which vehicle control option is right for your facility? In this news post, the PARCsafe team take a look at the available options, and offers some pointers on how you can select the right solution.

Assessing your requirement for vehicle flow control

Critical flow control can encompass anything from a gateless LPR solution right through to full boom gates and security vertical gates for maximum security. Selecting the ideal flow control comes down to what is the best solution for your specific application.

When you’re deciding between the different vehicle control methods, a good starting point is to have a clear understanding of  the reason behind the control requirements.

Security via vehicle control

Residential car parks

Most residential dwellings have control for vehicles to ensure security. No one likes the general public wandering through a private dwelling where cars are parked and belongings stored. Residential security requirements are mainly fulfilled with roller doors or similar, along with sliding, hinging, or even vertical gates.

Commercial car parking

Today, many commercial premises use full security gates to control vehicles entering and exiting their property. Sometimes these gates are designed to provide after-hours security while being open during the day, with traffic controlled  through the installation of boom gates. Regardless of the application, a control point will work to slow down vehicle entrances and maintain control of who is entering and exiting the premises

Purely vehicle control

Commercial car parking

Many commercial premises, especially ones hosting government services, will want to know at all times the vehicles that are on the premises. In such cases you’ll need more than just security; you’ll also need to control the number of vehicles entering as well as the speed at which they enter. Installing LPR technology will also help to maintain control over who is on the premises at any one time.

Public carparks

The flow rate of vehicles entering a public carpark is some of the most crucial information when choosing the correct type of carpark management system. The critically important task of controlling the flow rate without leaking revenue is all part of the science of installation.

Control rates (or flow rates) through public carparks can vary significantly, from 400 vehicles per hour up to more than 600 per hour depending on the type of systems installed and expected revenue requirements.

Retail environments

Controlling vehicle flow into retail shopping destinations is largely about enhancing the driver experience. Most retail environment want to reduce the obstacles to free flowing to ensure shopper get to their destination without stress and as quickly as possible.

Vehicle flow control for revenue

Public carparks

Maximising revenue and ensuring there is no revenue leakage is a critical and fundamental part of a quality carpark management solution. Some locations may require a balance between maximising revenue, keeping control, and enhancing the customer experience. This may call for a barrier-less entry connected to LPR along with gates on exit, to capture any possible revenue control.

Whichever priority you have for your carpark, the number one consideration must be maintaining vehicle flow through your entry and exit location, in order to minimise disruption and maximise driver engagement.

​Get more information about vehicle flow control solutions

To discuss your options and discover the best solutions for your project, get in touch with a PARCsafe technical consultant today on 1300 987 645 or contact us online.