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Parking guidance systems

Update your parking revenue control system to touchless and contactless.

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Guidance and monitoring systems for smart carparks

Typically a Parking Guidance System helps guide vehicles to available spaces within your carpark. However at Parcsafe we have revolutionised this solution with our Cirpark system, an all-in-one system for vehicle guidance, energy monitoring, lighting control and EV charging.

The CirPark System is comprised of three components or subsystems: iPark, LEDPark, and EVPark. These can either be used together or as individual components. 

Manufactured in Spain, the CirPark System has been refined over 10 years of consistent, continual development. Today, it’s used in more than 650 carparks, and monitors over 400,000 car bays.

The Cirpark Parking Guidance System can offer a better customer experience by reducing the time it takes for drivers to find an available space, and find their car upon returning. It also gives carpark operators a better understanding of their carpark data, assisting with forecasting, management decisions, data analysis (such as occupancy, turnover rates, heatmaps) and other potential areas of concern. 

A smart carpark using a Parking Guidance System is far more efficient, accepting up to 25% more traffic on a busy day thanks to improved turnover, and increased ability to find a carpark. Sustainability is improved thanks to fewer vehicles circulating: emissions are reduced and drivers spend less time in your carpark searching for an empty space.

Cirpark helps to reduce your operational costs, with lower energy bills through the LEDPark smart lighting system. By providing LED lighting uniformity throughout and adjusting brightness level with vehicle occupancy, it can also make a carpark safer and brighter in addition to these operational cost savings.

Which facilities can benefit from a Parking Guidance System?

While Parking Guidance Systems are typically found in very busy, larger carparks, they can also be used for carparks where parking is generally difficult to find. This is especially true for council carparks and CBD based locations. 

They can also be used in areas of congestion or decision (such as a parking intersections).

Parking Guidance Systems are ideal for:

  • Mixed use developments
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Shopping centres
  • Universities, and
  • Childcare centres.

How do Parking Guidance Systems work?

The CirPark system is made up of three different subsystems, which can be used either together or as individual solutions:

  • iPark parking guidance
  • LEDPark lighting solution
  • EVPark EV charging

All three solutions are merged into one management platform, which allows the operator to remotely control, monitor, and report on all activity relating to these areas.

The CirPark system:

    • Features an expanded smart management system
    • Controls multiple facets of carpark in one platform
    • Is made in European with typical quality and longevity
    • Offers plug’n’play and one cable system
    • Features an aesthetic design, and
    • Benefits from open API

Why choose Cirpark?

The Cirpark Parking Guidance System offers you one management portal for your operator. It’s a highly automated design, needing only limited human input. Remote control allows for off-site management and reduces your ongoing operational costs. And its clean and tidy design means components are easy to fix or replace.

CirPark Parking Guidance Systems components

iPark – Vehicle Guidance

One of the most innovative and long-lasting parking guidance systems ever developed, iPark uses overhead sensors and car counting technology to guide vehicles to available spaces. 

The sensors typically use dual ultrasonic technology with an inbuilt LED light for bay occupancy, and with added LPR (License Plate Recognition) technology, has the ability to use the “Find My Car” feature. iPark requires minimal maintenance, thanks to its smart design, use of quality technology, and extreme longevity of the system. 

iPark allows drivers to quickly navigate to available bays, helping to lower frustrations and the time spent with parking. It also helps operators to gather greater insight and data in their carpark. 

The iPark system has been designed to seamlessly integrate with its surrounds, and the aesthetic appeal of the sensors and track make a good impression on drivers. What’s more, the ‘plug and play’ technology means sensors and components can easily be replaced – avoiding the need for long shutdowns or time spent installing.

iPark has three key areas of use:

  • Guidance System which guide vehicles to exact available bays using sensors, LED display panels, and sensor lights
  • Counting System which provides available bays within a specific zone
  • Find My Car which uses LPR technology to assist users with location and a route to their vehicle. It can also integrate with new emerging technologies such as EV charging.

Benefits of iPark for carpark operators

  • Improved customer loyalty and carpark reputation
  • Greater efficiency of traffic and occupancy management
  • Increased sustainability of carpark operation
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs
  • Offers full remote control solution with auto-pilot capability
  • Provides customisable reports, real-time screens and heatmaps
  • Can integrate with smart carpark lighting and EV charging from one platform

Benefits of iPark for drivers

  • Less time spent on locating free parking spaces
  • Less stress and increased ease of parking
  • Easy location of DDA, EV and Parent parking

LEDPark offers five levels of use:

1) Basic – this fixed system offers no parking guidance and no regulation, but still offers you energy savings.

2) Regulated – By schedule or by zone occupation

3) Standard – With vehicle motion, pedestrian motion, twilight detector

4) Standalone – With UPS

5) Advanced standalone – With UPS and Energy Monitoring System (EMS)

Benefits of LEDPark

  • Lower costs through reduced energy consumption 
  • Greater safety in carpark thanks to reduced darkness
  • Enhanced carpark reputation for drivers thanks to more appealing look
  • Certified ROI within 3 years* 


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Find out more about parking guidance systems for your business

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