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High capacity carpark boom gates

Looking for reliable boom gates with the highest available cycle capacity for your commercial carpark?

Talk to Parcsafe today to discover your options.

Damaged boom gates? We have technicians, stock and parts.
Call 1300 987 645 for fast response.

High capacity carpark boom gates

Fast high-capacity boom gates for commercial carparks

When you have a high volume car park with hundreds of vehicle throughputs per hour, it is essential that you have a boom gate that will give trouble-free operation for the asset lifetime.

The 63PK high capacity boom gate has been specially designed for use in conjunction with revenue control equipment for parking garages. 

The 63PK boom gate has the capacity to operate for 15,000 cycles daily, with open / close times ranging between 0.8 and 3 sec. Barrier arms are available as straight or articulated, and work in conjunction with multiple safety features such as ultrasonic presence sensor, boom arm damage sensor, “open housing” sensor, and opening on power loss.

 With the capacity to interface with multiple brands of carpark management systems the 63PK is the only boom gate that can operate at 100% duty cycle for 15000 cycles per day and is designed especially for the carpark management industry 

With the mean number of cycles before breakdown currently sitting greater than 10 million, manufactured from heavy duty 2mm sheet metal and protected with a cataphoresis coating, the 63PK is the only obvious choice of boom gate for commercial carparks. 

Contact us today on 1300 987 645 or enquiries@parcsafe.com.au


Unique boom gate features

  • One of the highest opening speed gates available (0.8 second)
  • Extremely robust, with high mean time to breakdown 15,000 hrs 5,000,000 cycles
  • Specifically designed for high volume entry/exit carpark driveways
  • Inbuilt PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) allows for adjustable opening/close times and information feedback from the barrier to external monitoring systems
  • Designed for rapid change of parts on-site with minimum downtime for repairs (Typically 15 minutes for an experienced technician)
  • Optional capacity for automatic rehinging of boom arm
  • Optional unbreakable arm

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Parcsafe’s automated industrial boom gates have the following options available: 

  • Traffic light connection both in 100mm and 200mm LED’s for high visibility
  • Flashing light and audible alarms when in operation
  • Articulated arms for low ceiling arm clearance 
  • Boom arm support rest or pendulum boom arm supports 
  • Electromagnetic locking boom arm support for added strength and security 
  • Custom powder coating 
  • Boom cabinet branding wraps 
  • Stainless steel finish 
  • Unbreakable carbon arm  
  • Controlled front unhinging, removing all risk for pedestrians 
  • Back unhinging avoiding material deterioration in case of impact 
  • Automatic unhinging available with front unhinging, allowing the arm replacement due to impact without intervention to operation of boom gate 

Vehicle access options

  • Push button control 
  • Remote control