High Resistance Carpark Boom Gate

High Resistance impact boom gates suited for industrial and residential street lane closures.

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High Resistance Industrial Boom Gate

High Resistance Boom Gate for industrial and Residential Street Lane Closures

The PS-VBLB-10 High resistant boom gate is fitted with a Anti-vandalism 140mm diameter glass fibre arm capable to span up to 10m in width.  

The PS-VBLB-10 is capable of up to 10000 cycles per day while being resistant to wind gusts of 160 km/ h. Protected with cataphoretic coating to provide maximum protection to external elements.  

With the capacity to interface with multiple platform for city infrastructure through its One-C control card configuration the VBLB-10 can span wide lanes, tunnels and bridges and provide many years of uninterrupted service and maintenance 

With the mean number of cycles before breakdown currently sitting greater than 10 million, manufactured from 3mm sheet metal, its reinforces glass fibre 140mm diameter boom arm and capability to be manual opened the VBLB-10 boom gate is the only obvious choice for large infrastructure projects.

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The PARCSAFE PS-VBLB-10 boom gates has the following options available

  • Traffic Light connection both in 100mm and 200mm LED’s as well as boom arm installed high luminosity flashing LED signals
  • Push button control
  • Remote control
  • Boom arm support rest or pendulum boom arm supports
  • 230 kgs Electromagnetic suction boom arm support for added strength and security
  • Custom Powder coating
  • Boom Cabinet branding wraps
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Flashing light and Audible alarms when in operation
  • Local control box upgrades for emergency services access control