High Strength Carpark Boom Gate

High Strength boom gates suited for industrial, commercial application where added security applications are required.

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High Strength Industrial Boom Gate

High Strength Boom Gate for Public access control, industrial and commercial applications

The VBLB-86 has been designed to provide areas that require higher levels of security a purpose built vehicle access barrier. 

The VBLB-86 is designed for 10000 cycles per day and provides special “Anti-Shock” rotation and high shock resistance features for long term strength and reliability. 

Automatic Anti-Vandalism Barrier ensuring intensive and continuous service which is driven by Electromechanical technology with frequency driver, 3mm DKP steel housing with anti-corrosion protection by cataphoresis and anti-condensation heating. 

Reinforced aluminium shatterproof arm, 180 x 118mm, from 2 to 6m00 with reflective strips and compression compensation spring. Additional capability of a Reinforced aluminum arm, 135 x 93mm, up to 8m00 with reflective strips. 

The Booma rm is provided in one piece and driven by Universal management logic with wired control or integrated ModBus. 

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The PARCSAFE PS-VBLB-86 boom gates has the following options available 

  • Traffic Light connection both in 100mm and 200mm LED’s as well as boom arm installed high luminosity flashing LED signals 
  • Push button control 
  • Remote control 
  • Boom arm support rest or pendulum boom arm supports 
  • 230 kgs Electromagnetic suction boom arm support for added strength and security 
  • Custom Powder coating 
  • Boom Cabinet branding wraps 
  • Stainless Steel Finish 
  • Flashing light and Audible alarms when in operation 
  • Local control box upgrades for emergency services access control 
  • Internal Locking 
  • Anti-vandal pack