Hostile Vehicle Mitigation by Design

Protecting public space from unlawful vehicle access with Smart Architectural Design.

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Equipment

Vehicle roadways protected from unlawful vehicle entrance

Creating security design as a unique and patented concept of shells to provide the best resistance performance and meet the protection needs of cities, buildings while preserving aesthetics 

Both the CUBE and the style master is an urban obstacle protecting public spaces and users from vehicle attack while being invisible. They provide concealed proven crash tested bollard within an innovative eco-active material while providing aesthetic design suited for public space. 

The Unique polymer finish provides air purification with gases comes in contact with the Eco Active surface. It gives rise to chemical degradation reaction, with the appearance of harmless products such as mineral salts and water. 

1m2 of material purifies the airbreath of 6.5 people during 12 month period. The Eco Active material can eliminate dangerous bacteria such as E.Coli oS. Aureus up to 117% more than any other material. Non- proliferation of bacteria according to ISO 846/ASTMG22. 

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The PARCSAFE Hostile Vehicle mitigation technical properties 

  • Fire Retardant – Fire resistance Euroclass B s1 d0 to comply with the standard EN 13501-1:2003. 
  • Standards – Certified ISO 22197 Air purification, ISO 27447 
  • Antibacterial, ISO 10678 chemical elimination and ISO 27 448 Self cleaning. 
  • Resistance to Extreme Environments – Thermal resistance from -20 ° up to 50 °: suitable for thermal shocks without change of the material. 
  • Environmental – Does not contain Bisphenol A or any of the 161 substances listed in the SVHC. 100% recyclable. 
  • Impact Resistance guaranteed by 324g ball test dropped at 1.9m; resistance 240-280 N /mm3. 
  • Burn Resistance – Resistance to cigarette burns in accordance with ISO 19712- 2: slight changes in degree of gloss only from certain angles.