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Vertical Gates

Providing Vehicle access control when traditional sliding, cantilevered or hinged gates won’t work.

Talk to PARCsafe today to discover your options.

Vertical Gate

Solutions in secure vehicle access control when traditional gates cant be installed 

When we think on automatic gate, we are often oriented thinking to the “classic” sliding and swing horizontal gates. This is normal, because in our life who knows how many thousands of these installations we’ve seen, therefore, our intellect hard to think that there might be something different.

It is also true that, in many occasions there has surely come across situations where to install an automatic closing there has had to be the resorting to artificial remedies, and not always with the best results both from a regulatory point of view, aesthetic as well as economic stand point. 

Vertical hydraulic pivot gates offer design studies, architectural planning and construction companies the chance to develop new projects without the constraints imposed by traditional closing systems of sliding or swinging gates. 

With its unique patent design, PARCSAFE Vertical Pivot gates offers design, engineering, supply, and installation solutions for secured access around these site constraints. These unique design capabilities allow the opening of new horizons for professional architectural creativity.

Contact us today on 1300 987 645 or enquiries@parcsafe.com.au

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The PARCSAFE Vertical gates unique Features 

  • Installation can be installed on sloping entrances. 
  • Installation can be conducted close to access ramps. 
  • Installation can be nearby areas of launching and loading of boats and other marine equipment. 
  • They can be installed as a protection of loading bays. 
  • Opening to 20m can be accommodated. 
  • Can be utilised as a height bar all incorporated in one unit. 
  • Can be utilised as a height protection barrier for car lifts, good platforms or similar. 
  • Can be installed without concrete plinths or foundations. 
  • No guidance equipment mounted on the ground meaning no damaged is caused. 
  • Can be configured into Anti-terrorism or Hostile.