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Multi-lane industrial boom gate

Update your parking revenue control system to touchless and contactless.

Talk to Parcsafe today to discover your options.

Multi-lane industrial boom gate

Suitable for:

  • Large and industrial vehicle access openings
  • Motorways and tunnels where multiple lanes are to be closed
  • Mine sites for large vehicles such as haul trucks


  • Up to 14 metres span
  • Average 3,000,000 cycles before failure
  • Mean time before failure 15,000 hours of continuous use
  • Capable of 10,000 cycles per day
  • Vandal proof 140 mm diameter fibreglass boom
  • Resistant to wind gusts of 160 km/h
  • Inbuilt high luminosity flashing LED lights on boom arm

Product overview

Parcsafe’s robust multi-lane industrial boom gate is ideal for installation in very large passageways. With the ability to span wide lanes, tunnels and bridges, it is purpose-built for large-scale industrial applications and designed to provide years of uninterrupted operation.  

These industrial boom gates are suitable for use in corrosive or tough coastal conditions. The control unit housing is protected with cataphoretic coating to provide maximum protection to the external elements.  

Manufactured from 3mm sheet metal, it features an anti-vandalism reinforced glass fibre 140mm diameter boom arm, capable of spanning up to 14m in width.

One-C control card configuration gives the multi-lane boom gate the capacity to interface with multiple third-party control systems. 

The inbuilt programmable control system features:

  • Variable opening and closing speed
  • Variable acceleration and braking of boom arm
  • Remote configuration
  • Integration with third party systems through a range of communication protocols including RS485, TCP/IP and Modbus

This industrial boom gate is highly durable, featuring a mean number of cycles before breakdown greater than 10 million. It can also be manually opened in the case of power failure.

Available options

  • Traffic lights in both 100mm and 200mm LEDs 
  • Push button control
  • Remote control
  • Boom arm support rest or pendulum boom arm supports
  • 230 kgs electromagnetic boom arm support lock for added strength and security
  • Custom cabinet colours
  • Boom cabinet branding wraps
  • Stainless steel cabinet finish
  • Flashing light and audible alarms when in operation
  • Emergency services access control

Parcsafe’s multi-lane industrial boom gates are ideal for large infrastructure projects.

To find out more, contact us today on 1300 987 645 or fill out the contact form.