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ParcCare aftercare packages

Maintain your car park systems in the best working order.

ParcCare aftercare packages

Keep up with the upkeep of your parking lot using Parcsafe.

Ensuring your car park systems are always available is critical for the ongoing performance and revenue generation of your car park.

When you sign up to a ParcCare package, you’ll benefit from dedicated training, preventive maintenance, and ongoing support. You’ll have a ParcCare account manager, who’ll provide you with a dedicated phone number and email address to ensure you can always receive the support you need.

With a ParcCare package, your parking equipment will be proactively monitored to prevent unnecessary breakdowns. You’ll benefit from Parcsafe’s Australia-wide network of local representatives and our wide range of spare parts, always delivered with speedy despatch. 

Your account manager will work with you to establish custom KPIs such as response times and your servicing expectations as part of your initial onboarding. 

Along with our fixed cost schedule for labour and parts, ParcCare is designed to reduce your service costs and lower the total cost of ownership of your car park systems.

1) Customised on-site training

Your ParcCare package offers different training for different levels of operators. We can provide training presentations either at your premises or online, covering topics such as:

  • How to use the software
  • How to maintain operations, and
  • Quick fixes for any minor issues.

Parcsafe will provide a three month refresher session, along with a handover package that contains all necessary documentation (such as manuals, training materials and the like) on completion of your training. All documents are provided in both hard and soft copy format, including the process for what to do in the event of a system failure. Your Parcsafe Account Manager will set up your service agreement at this stage.

2) Ongoing support of car park systems

ParcCare service packages provide ongoing support for your parking facility. Even though “short life” parts have been designed and engineered out of our robust systems, our ongoing support gives you the peace of mind of knowing your car park will always be in good working order.

Our extensive training of your operators helps to ensure that most issues can be fixed quickly onsite by your team, with support from Parcsafe head office. We will provide an FAQ or issues sheet to facilitate on-the-spot diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair. 

The ParcCare hotline allows you to immediately resolve any questions – at no extra charge – without the need for onsite support. 

To ensure maximum operational status for your car park, we sort issues into three levels of urgency:

  • Urgentfor faults within the system that could result in loss of security or revenue, such as a vehicle stuck in the car park. 
  • Operational – for faults within the system that don’t have immediate impact on revenue, or loss of security.
  • Non-urgent – for minor faults that don’t have an impact on the operation of the system.

This classification system will ensure you get the response you need to keep your car park running. 

    This classification system will ensure you get the response you need to keep your carpark running. 

    3) Preventive maintenance of car park equipment

    Maintaining your car park systems and equipment is vitally important in the smooth running of your facility.

    With a ParcCare package, you’ll have:

    • Prior warning before technicians attend your site
    • A preventive maintenance checklist
    • Photos of all equipment (as per their health status).
    • A health report provided for all systems
    • Spare parts for critical/common items on-hand in Parcsafe’s service van

    Preventive maintenance package options

    • Standard maintenance on all equipment
    • Clean down equipment, retighten all fixings, lubricate moving parts
    • Replace faulty fixings
    • Check and commission all connections
    • Test all equipment
    • Provide notes on potential failures, together with photos and forms
    • Any parts required with be priced separately from labour, according to the provided schedule rates

      Essentially an extended warranty, platinum preventive maintenance packages provide all the benefits of gold packages, along with:

      • Fixed price servicing for no surprises
      • Software support for adjustments, configurations and support
      • Replacement of faulty parts including labour

        Why Choose Parcsafe?

        Asset Optimisation and Specialist Attention

        Your parking facilities are a valuable asset to your business, serving as a potential profit centre and a critical element of customer convenience. Parcsafe recognises this dual role and offers the specialist attention needed to maximise profitability and user satisfaction.

        Enhanced User Experience Through Technology

        Parcsafe leverages smart technologies to ensure your parking area offers more than just safety and security. We focus on creating a parking environment with fast and efficient entries and exits, sustainable systems, multiple payment options, and seamless user experience.

        Comprehensive Support and Expertise

        From planning and adapting, to new transport and access requirements, to providing clear management reports and delivering exceptional aftercare service, Parcsafe is committed to transforming your parking area into a significant revenue generator for your business.

        Find out more about ParcCare service packages

        Contact Parcsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation. We will show how we can increase your revenue and provide improved reporting, all while meeting the demands of today’s touchless requirements.

        Call the Parcsafe team today on 1300 987 645 or contact us online.