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Proven performance

Specialists in car parking systems

Elevating your customer experience. Low cost of ownership.


Parcsafe’s highly accurate (up to 99.9%) data collection shows you car park occupancy, length of parking stay (both on-street and off-street), and guides drivers to quickly and easily park in your facility.


Our software helps you truly understand your car park operation. Enjoy one dashboard for all your carparking operations – regardless of the systems in use. With one platform for all reports, it means less hassle, more time savings, and greater productivity.


We help you physically control access to your carpark. Our access control systems range from simple boom gates right through to the latest LPR and carpark management control systems. We help you get the best value and ROI from your equipment.

Why Parcsafe?

Your parking resources are an asset to your business – and should be treated as such. That’s why, both as a profit centre and as a customer convenience, your parking deserves specialist attention.

Today, it’s not just clear guidance, ease-of-use, security and safety that carpark users look for when choosing where to spend their money. It’s fast, efficient entries and exits; sustainable systems; convenient payment options; and a seamless parking experience.

Parcsafe delivers smart technologies that will help you turn your parking area into a revenue centre for your business.

Our experienced team can assist you with the entire process: from planning for new forms of transport and access requirements, providing clear, concise reporting and management, through to superior aftercare service.


Our team leverage their expertise to create the ideal solution to your parking challenges; ensuring we understand your requirements across sustainability planning and future needs.


We consider all aspects, from traffic flow to wayfinding, ease of use, demographics, integration of new technologies, traffic laws and standard of authority approvals.


We work with other stakeholders within your project to deliver the customised solution you need, within your desired timeline and budget.


We don’t stop after installation. Ensuring your carpark systems are always available is critical for the ongoing performance and revenue generation of your carpark.

Talk to our Team

Parcsafe’s expert team can provide solutions that will attract customers and improve ROI from your parking assets, including:


  • PARC systems
  • Parking guidance systems
  • Vehicle and pedestrian access systems
  • Car park safety & security
  • Complete carpark fitouts

Get in touch using the short form or call Parcsafe on 1300 987 645.

“We understand your need to have complete reliability and accessibility for your chosen parking system. Parcsafe offers immediate technical response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

“Mechanical servicing and spare parts provision is provided by our nationwide network of maintenance support”

“Support that spans all aspects of your parking systems, including technical, software, and mechanical.”

“Cost-effective parking software offering you comprehensive information and reporting, giving you a precise picture of your users’ behaviour.”