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Proven performance

Specialists in car parking systems

Elevating your customer experience. Low cost of ownership.

Maximising Efficiency with Parcsafe’s Car Parking Systems

With Parsafe, we bring a new approach to parking with our management and guidance systems. We recognise the necessity of effective car parking solutions and provide top-tier parking systems designed to simplify the parking experience for operators and users. Our experts assess your space and determine what works and what doesn’t.

We then improve operational effectiveness, optimise space usage, and create simple navigation in parking areas. Emphasising innovation, ease of use, and environmental considerations, Parcsafe is dedicated to offering parking solutions that help you.

Our Car Parking Systems


Parcsafe’s highly accurate (up to 99.9%) data collection shows you car park occupancy, length of parking stay (both on-street and off-street), and guides drivers to quickly and easily park in your facility.


Our software helps you truly understand your car park operation. Enjoy one dashboard for all your car parking operations – regardless of the systems in use. With one platform for all reports, it means less hassle, more time savings, and greater productivity.


We help you physically control access to your car park. Our access control systems range from simple boom gates right through to the latest LPR and car park management control systems. We help you get the best value and ROI from your equipment and your asset.

Car Parking Solutions

Car Counting System

Car counting systems are designed to count vehicles in on-street or off-street car parks.

Parking Guidance

You will get an all-in-one system for vehicle guidance, energy monitoring, lighting control and EV charging.

Vehicle Access System

Parcsafe can provide you with comprehensive solutions for your vehicle access control. 

Internal Traffic Signal

Internal traffic signals are ideal for residential or commercial buildings with a one-way ramp or aisle.

Car Park Management

Car park management systems are comprehensive parking equipment systems that control access to car parks.

License Plate Recognition

You can use an LPR system as an access control to restrict entry, allow only authorised users, or simply .

Why Choose Parcsafe?

Fast :We’re dedicated to prompt service, ensuring our solutions are delivered swiftly. With our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness at every step of the process. 

Proactive Approach :At Parcsafe, we’re not just problem solvers; we’re proactive solution seekers. We anticipate your needs and innovate to provide seamless solutions ahead of time.

Reliability:Trust forms the cornerstone of our service. With our seasoned expert staff, Parcsafe consistently delivers reliable parking solutions you can confidently rely on. Every time. Without fail.

Extensive Aftercare:Beyond the initial installation, Parcsafe excels in aftercare, providing exceptional support and comprehensive maintenance to ensure your parking systems operate smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Comprehensive Packages:Experience hassle-free parking solutions with our turnkey packages. From supply & installation to maintenance & beyond, we offer comprehensive solutions that allow you to focus on your core business.

How We Work


Our team leverage their expertise to create the ideal solution to your parking challenges; ensuring we understand your requirements across sustainability planning and future needs.


We consider all aspects, from traffic flow to wayfinding, ease of use, demographics, integration of new technologies, traffic laws and standard of authority approvals.


We work with other stakeholders within your project to deliver the customised solution you need, within your desired timeline and budget.


We don’t stop after installation. Ensuring your carpark systems are always available is critical for the ongoing performance and revenue generation of your carpark.

Talk To Our Team

Parcsafe’s expert team can provide solutions that will attract customers and improve ROI from your parking assets, including:


  • Car counting systems
  • Parking guidance systems
  • Parking management dashboards and software
  • Carpark management systems
  • License plate recognition systems
  • Boom gates and vehicle access control systems

Get in touch using the short form or call Parcsafe on 1300 987 645.

Our Testimonials

I couldn’t be happier with the car parking system installed by Parcsafe. It has truly revolutionised the way we manage parking at our office building.

Sara Davis

Impressed with the efficiency of the parking system. As a busy shopping mall, we needed a solution that can cater to many vehicles for a smooth traffic flow.

Michelle Toni

I recently had the pleasure of working with Parcsafe to implement a parking system for our building, and I must say, the results have been outstanding.

Rachel Leah

Our Recent Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Parcsafe's car parking system unique?

Parcsafe’s car parking system stands out for its advanced technology, high accuracy in data collection, and user-friendly interface. Our systems are designed to maximise space utilisation and enhance operational efficiency.

How does our parking system improve the parking experience?

Our system streamlines the parking process by providing clear guidance, fast and efficient entries and exits, sustainable systems, and convenient payment options, all contributing to a seamless parking experience.

Can Parcsafe's system be integrated with existing parking infrastructure?

Yes, our parking solutions are designed to be diverse and can be integrated with your existing parking infrastructure, enhancing its efficiency and functionality.

Does Parcsafe offer solutions for both on-street and off-street parking?

Absolutely. Parcsafe provides comprehensive solutions for both on-street and off-street parking, catering to a wide range of parking management needs.