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How a Parking Guidance system helps fill your carpark

5 ways the latest tech benefits your business

An important part of ensuring your carpark functions successfully as a revenue producing asset is making the parking experience as positive as possible for drivers.

Parking guidance systems work to quickly and easily give drivers the information they need to find an available parking spot, avoid driving in circles, and get into your business more quickly.

The latest parking guidance systems have been refined to enhance the parking experience for potential customers, as well as benefiting your bottom line.

Here are 5 reasons to consider installing a parking guidance system in your carpark.

1) Reduce congestion and parking frustration for customers

Let’s start with the obvious point: potential customers prefer to spend their money where they know they can park easily.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression – so make sure yours is a good one by helping drivers to find an empty space more easily and efficiently than your competition.

A parking guidance system can help establish your retail establishment as somewhere that’s easy to access, easy to park at – and an easy place to choose to spend money.

2) Understand your data

What’s really going on in your carpark? Who’s using it? When are they parking? What happens outside of your retail business opening hours?

A parking guidance system can help you understand people’s movements in your carpark by offering easily understood data. With this accurate information, you’ll have a better idea of the demand for your facility’s parking. You can identify challenges, such as whether drivers can find the spaces you do have available – or if they simply give up and leave without doing business with you.

If you don’t yet have a PARC system installed at your carpark, data from a parking guidance system can help you determine whether there’s a business case for installing a revenue control system. 

 3) Installed quickly and easily

When the name of the game is improving the ease-of-use and accessibility of parking, it’s counterproductive to have your carpark out of action for an extended period.

That’s why the latest parking guidance systems are designed to be installed in an existing facility seamlessly. The OpenSpace™ parking guidance system is very quick to install, requires no integrated infrastructure (with minimal local power or data services required), and can easily be retro-fitted in an existing carpark.

4) Reduce emissions and your carbon footprint

With consumers increasingly choosing more environmentally friendly places to shop, you can help minimise the time they spend burning fossil fuels while looking for a car space.

It’s estimated that about 30% of cars circling Australian cities at any given time are drivers looking for parking. Incredibly, this jumps to over 60% on public holidays.

With the help of a modern parking guidance system, you can reduce the time customers spend producing emissions – and giving them more time to shop.

5) Invest in an asset that produces ROI

When you’re looking to turn your parking facility into a revenue-producing asset, you need to be conscious of your costs involved in purchasing and installing a parking guidance system. PARCsafe understand this need.

The higher priced sensor-based or camera-based systems are often not suited to every application. PARCsafe recommends the OpenSpace™ guidance system.

Instead of working in individual bays, OpenSpace™ works on the overall carpark area to show drivers the number of spaces available in each aisle, level, or separate carpark depending on your site.

And there’s no compromise in quality – the OpenSpace™ system offers 99.9% accuracy with costs ranging as low as just 30-40% of the pricing of a camera-based system.

How the OpenSpace™ parking guidance reduces emissions, congestion, and customer frustration

OpenSpace™ Parking Guidance systems are the most accurate, simple to install and cost effective smart parking management system available.

The OpenSpace™ system will provide you with increased parking revenue, improved parking experience, and decreased congestion, along with a significant improvement in parking data analytics.

Suited for outdoor surface parking or indoor structured parking, OpenSpace™ requires no local power or local data services for installation. An adhesive option is available for post tension concrete, ensuring there’s no impact to protective surface membranes while providing traffic calming humps to increase pedestrian safety.

Find out more about Parking Guidance systems for your business

To find out more about the latest parking guidance systems, contact PARCsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.