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Improving university parking for students

How parking guidance systems create a better parking experience

University parking presents a variety of difficult challenges. Peak ingress and egress periods throughout the day, large numbers of varying parking facility sizes and uses, and high frequency of special events all contribute to this difficulty.

Unlike traditional workplaces, with their ‘rush hours’ from 8-9 and 5-6, universities commonly have ebbs and flows of parking demand right throughout the day. Depending on students’ schedules, peak parking times can occur several times every day. Events on campus can make parking even more difficult.

It’s little wonder that one of students’ key complaints about colleges and universities is parking availability. Without parking guidance – especially on larger university campuses – it can be almost impossible for students to find empty spots when they need them. 

Taking the stress out of university parking

The OpenSpace parking guidance (or parking counting) system can minimise congestion in university carparks by keeping track of available parking spots and then guiding students to where they can find them.

Real time parking data can be displayed for students on LED signs at each carpark, at your campus entry, on your website, and/or on integrated apps.

If students reach a carpark that’s at (or near) capacity, they can see that instantly and go to another parking area. The system can even tell them the closest lot that has open parking spaces.

When students know where to avoid looking and where they can find parking, you eliminate the wasted time searching and get them to class quicker and calmer.

Insufficient parking spaces – or simply underused?

Often when university campus administration thinks they don’t have enough parking spaces, it’s actually that certain areas or carparks are underused. That’s where a parking guidance system like OpenSpace really shines.

Parking guidance systems offer parking availability data that can guide students to empty spots. You can also see if your parking is indeed insufficient and use that data to create a better parking plan for your campus.

OpenSpace signs can display data for multi levels or multiple carparks or garages, and signs at the campus entrance can even list availability at each carpark. When students approach an area that’s nearly full, your signs can guide them to park somewhere with more parking spots.

The result is a more seamless parking experience; less stress; and more satisfied students at your university.

Find out more about the parking guidance systems for universities

For more information about how parking guidance can provide a better parking experience for students, contact PARCsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation on 1300 987 645 or get in touch online.