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What are the servicing and maintenance costs of a PARC system?

What are the servicing and maintenance costs of a PARC system?

4 questions to ask when determining your ROI

When you’re looking to invest in a PARC system for your carpark, you’ll no doubt be looking to calculate your overall ROI. When doing so, considering the operational cost of this critical equipment is a fundamental part of the decision making process.

It’s not just the initial cost of installation of your PARC system, but also the service and maintenance costs you must factor in over the lifetime of the system.

This news post outlines four of the critical questions to ask about PARC system servicing and maintenance costs. It can assist when you’re weighing up which particular system to install for your requirements.

1) What is the maintenance interval for the PARC system?

Clearly, the more often your PARC system needs servicing and maintenance, the more it will cost your business over the long run. What’s more, when your system is being maintained or repaired it will obviously not be available for its intended purpose – bringing in revenue for your facility.

Be sure to check with the PARC system manufacturer to understand the regularity of required preventive servicing. Will the system need servicing every 6 months, every 3 months – or more often? 

2) What are the system’s spare parts requirements?

When selecting a PARC system, investigate how robustly the equipment has been designed. For example, unfortunately some manufacturers design their equipment to ensure a high rate of parts turnover, to improve their ongoing revenue.

By contrast, Orbility Codex system by Orbility have streamlined the design of their PARC system to ensure the potential for breakdowns is kept to an absolute minimum. They have expertly removed many moving components and replaced them with scanners and thermal printers, ensuring the equipment can be maintained quickly and efficiently.

This robust design reduces your operational costs and helps to improve the overall revenue opportunities from your carpark.

3) How much will PARC system spare parts cost?

Another potentially hidden cost is that of spare parts for your intended PARC system. Before locking in a supplier, ask them if they are prepared to share with you their spare parts price list prior to the installation of equipment.

At PARCsafe we are entirely transparent on the cost of spare parts for the Orbility systems we supply and install. We will be happy to provide you with this information at any time.

4) What operational and administrative training is required?

Of course, every time you need to contact your PARC system supplier to make minor changes or check on details, it costs you time and money.

To overcome this, upon commissioning we will provide you with detailed instructions for system management and equipment access. This knowledge will help you to reduce the need for on-site servicing from PARCsafe to just a few hours per year.

How Orbility PARC systems benefit from clever design

At PARCsafe we are proud to recommend Orbility PARC systems as the best value-for-money option available.

Their clever design has removed as many moving parts as possible to reduce ongoing repair and maintenance issues. This design philosophy also ensures the longest possible service life with the shortest possible downtime periods.

To ensure transparency PARCsafe provide full costings for spare or replacement parts and ongoing operational costs at the time of tendering. We will be happy to provide you with an all-of-life cost estimate to assist you with understanding the true cost of any proposed system.

Find out more about PARC system maintenance costs

The entire PARCsafe team deliver on our core value statement: that we will improve access and value in carpark and commercial real estate assets. This extends right through to our after-sale service and training modules for PARC systems.

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