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Our Vision

To be the trusted business partner providing solutions to parking assets that will improve reporting safety, security and the capacity to transition to mobility hubs.

PARC systems – Parking Access and Revenue Control

Clever technology to control access and collect parking revenues

PARCsafe have partnered with Orbility to deliver the latest in high-performance automated Parking Management Systems (PMS) to the Australian and New Zealand market.

With over 50 years of experience, Orbility (previously trading as ACS, Xerox or Conduent Parking) have developed Codex 2D barcode ticket technology.

The Codex system has had amazing success in several markets and is in use in over 2,000 parking locations globally. Chosen by major airports, parking operators, shopping centres and the like, a new Parking Access and Revenue Control system is added every three days.

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How the Codex Parking Management System works

Thanks to its advanced technology, the Codex range is simple, efficient and truly competitive. Ticket acceptors and readers have been replaced by scanners, making this range more reliable, easier to maintain, and with lower operational costs. 

The Codex 2D barcode technology-based PMS is distinct from existing solutions: 

  • Ticket readers are not motorized, which helps to increase the flow of traffic at entry and exit terminals, and reduce maintenance costs due to less moving parts. 
  • It offers an off-line mode equivalent to the one for a magnetic solution.

Designed and manufactured in France, the Codex PMS system is backed up by technical support teams in France, Spain, UK, and the USA, along with local support crews across Australia. 

The Codex range is available in a completely touchless format to meet today’s changing requirements and tomorrow’s needs – while still being open to new technologies.

How a PMS integrates with other carpark systems

PARCsafe Parking Management Systems are designed to integrate smoothly with your site’s other carpark systems. Integration with third party systems is made possible by our comprehensive set of API and web services interfaces.


Integration with parking guidance system (PGS)

  • Codex integrates smoothly with parking guidance systems and can display the car parking space on the screen of the Pay on Foot station (POF).
  • Provides financial data to external ERP systems.
  • Interfaces with online reservation systems for car park space booking.
  • Interfaces with airport e-commerce applications by reading the barcode printed on purchase receipts by Pay on Foot stations. This allows you to offer discounts on parking to your shopping customers.


Offline mode

An important advantage of our PMS solution is that the equipment operates even if the communications link to the Multipark Central Management System fails. The machines can store transactions and alerts and automatically transmit them when the network is restored. Storage capacity is up to 16,000 transactions.

Find out more about PARC systems for your business

Contact PARCsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation. We will show how we can increase your revenue and provide improved reporting, all while meeting the demands of today’s touchless requirements.