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Reporting to signage

Why your carpark facility needs accurate signage

As we’ve seen, a critical part of successfully managing your carpark is the ability to access reliable data and reports. Reporting not only covers various areas of management decisions, it’s also important in the way its messaging is received and understood by drivers entering your carpark.

Ensuring that correct information is accurately portrayed onto carpark signage is an important aspect of reporting. Here’s what to consider around the way your messaging is perceived.

1) Known accuracy of available spaces

It’s little use advertising available carpark spaces if drivers find that your signage data is inaccurate. Carpark signage must have high accuracy based on real-time space availability.

2) Readability of the LED numbers from a distance

Obviously, drivers need to be able to quickly and easily see which of your carparks have availability. Your carpark signage needs to have easily legible LED numbers to allow this.

3) Specialty spaces

An increasing number of drivers will be looking for EV charging spaces and accessible spaces. It’s critical that your carpark signage accurately portrays these specialised parking spaces.

4) Dedicated parking for delivery vehicles

As urban spaces become more and more crowded, and home delivery ever more popular, access for delivery vehicles is becoming more and more of a challenge. Consider whether you want to allocate dedicated bays for parcel delivery with electronic parcel pods or cubicles.

5) Dedicated parent/children pick up bays

Busy working parents will seek out carparks that cater to their needs. Consider whether your facility needs to cater to parents who require quick access to dedicated bays for prams and strollers.

6) Click and collect facilities

If your facility features dedicated bays for click and collect, you will need to display appropriate signage to manage this resource.


Get more information about accurate signage for your carpark

All these aspects go together to make reporting to well thought-out digital signage the first impression visitors have of your facility.

To discuss your site and how we can make reporting accurate, easy and reliable, get in touch with a Parcsafe technical consultant today on 1300 987 645  or contact us online.