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PARC systems – Parking Access and Revenue Control

Clever technology to control access and collect parking revenues

Installing a Parking Access and Revenue Control (PARC) system in your carpark brings many potential advantages. Boom gates with 2D code and licence plate recognition work to significantly speed up entry and exit from your facility. Traffic congestion and emissions are reduced, and your customers enjoy a better overall experience.

Importantly, the latest PARC systems are available in a touchless and contactless format, allowing your business to provide the safe and health-conscious car parking that today’s consumers demand.

When you’re installing a PARC solution in your carpark, it’s critical to look for a system that will meet your business’s overall long-term goals and entire carpark design.

Parcsafe’s expert consultants consider the way everything works together to come up with a “turn-key” solution to suit your requirements – from concept through to installation and beyond to service and maintenance.

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Touchless and contactless PARC systems

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has highlighted the need for consumers to minimise contact with high traffic touch points whenever they’re in public. The latest generation PARC systems address this need with contactless and touchless technology.

Instead of drivers needing to touch a button on entry to request a ticket, the latest PARC systems use licence plate recognition technology to automatically offer a ticket. The same system allows a seamless exit by raising the boom gate when the driver has paid for parking.

For payment, 2D printer thermal printer barcodes can be scanned without the need to physically insert a ticket. And Pay on Foot (POF) systems can be set to accept credit card payments via payWave only – avoiding exposure to cash and change.

If your carpark is connected to a retail facility, 2D barcode technology gives you the option of offering touchless and contactless parking discounts. Retail employees won’t need to touch parking tickets – pre-programmed scanners can offer the discount contact-free.

As touchless and contactless technology becomes more widespread, consumers will begin to actively seek out businesses that offer this safer and more health-conscious option for parking.

How a PARC system offers opportunity for additional revenue streams

PARC systems can facilitate income for your business apart from simply parking revenues. For example, parking display screens can be used to sell advertising space to tenants or local businesses.

Secondly, your PARC system can be incorporated into a future mobility hub, where different travel options such as micro mobility (scooters and electric bikes), biking, transit, and shared mobility come together. Storage and parcel collection points can offer further utility.

 The increased consumer usage of such a mobility hub provides obvious opportunities for further future revenue. Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points or even a carwash station can be incorporated into a correctly design PARC system without additional infrastructure, adding further potential revenue streams.

The latest PARC systems can be designed with an eye to these future mobility enhancements, incorporating technology as it continues to develop.

Integrating a PARC system with your existing parking infrastructure

Parcsafe’s Parking Management Systems are designed to integrate smoothly with your site’s other carpark systems. Integration with third party systems is made possible by our comprehensive set of API and web services interfaces.

To ensure straightforward integration, a Parcsafe consultant will conduct a site visit to assess the locations of boom gates, entry and exit terminals.

If you currently have a parking guidance system already installed, we’ll also ensure it can be integrated with our PARC system recommendations – or depending on its capacity, advise you on what advantages it may give to upgrade the parking guidance system at the same time.

Codex system features low power consumption which means it can use single phase power – there’s no need to install three phase power. This helps minimise the cost of installation.

Because most of a PARC system is located outside the traffic area, installation is relatively straightforward. Only the installation of boom gates and entry & exit terminals will interfere with traffic flow for your customers – and Parcsafe can carry out installation in your business’s non-peak times or after hours to minimise disruption.

How the Codex PMS integrates with other carpark systems

Integration with parking guidance system (PGS)

  • Codex integrates smoothly with parking guidance systems and can display the car parking space on the screen of the Pay on Foot station (POF).
  • Provides financial data to external ERP systems.
  • Interfaces with online reservation systems for car park space booking.
  • Interfaces with airport e-commerce applications by reading the barcode printed on purchase receipts by Pay on Foot stations. This allows you to offer discounts on parking to your shopping customers.

Maintenance and support for PARC systems

Parcsafe’s systems offer comprehensive software and hardware support. Our partner manufacturer Orbility provides 24/7 software support, and hardware maintenance support is available Australia-wide from local Parcsafe technicians.

Ongoing PARC system maintenance costs can be minimised by installing quality systems and components. With minimal ongoing maintenance required, yearly maintenance charges are kept low.

How much does a PARC system cost to install?

Because every PARC system is designed specifically to meet the requirements of your carpark, it’s impossible to provide a comprehensive quote without first assessing your site.

In this way we ensure we recommend a system that is accurately scoped for your site, your business, and what you want to achieve.

We understand your need for a ROI from your car parking, which is why we keep initial investment costs as low as possible with an eye to the long-term returns for this asset. The Parcsafe team will ensure your new system can be customisable, both to suit your current requirements and to add future functionality as your business grows. Software programs are scalable and adaptable to future technology developments.

Parcsafe’s expert consultants can readily provide you with an indicative high-level estimate for PARC systems. Contact Parcsafe to arrange a new online or face-to-face consultation.

Orbility PARC systems

Parcsafe have partnered with Orbility to deliver the latest in high-performance automated Parking Management Systems (PMS) to the Australian and New Zealand market.

With over 50 years of experience, Orbility (previously trading as ACS, Xerox or Conduent Parking) have developed Codex 2D barcode ticket technology.

The Codex system has had amazing success in several markets and is in use in over 2,000 parking locations globally. Chosen by major airports, parking operators, shopping centres and the like, a new Parking Access and Revenue Control system is added every three days.

Offline mode

An important advantage of our PMS solution is that the equipment operates even if the communications link to the Multipark Central Management System fails. The machines can store transactions and alerts and automatically transmit them when the network is restored. Storage capacity is up to 16,000 transactions.

How the Codex Parking Management System works

Thanks to its advanced technology, the Codex range is simple, efficient and truly competitive. Ticket acceptors and readers have been replaced by scanners, making this range more reliable, easier to maintain, and with lower operational costs.

The Codex 2D barcode technology-based PMS is distinct from existing solutions:

  • Ticket readers are not motorized, which helps to increase the flow of traffic at entry and exit terminals, and reduce maintenance costs due to less moving parts.
  • It offers an off-line mode equivalent to the one for a magnetic solution.

Designed and manufactured in France, the Codex PMS system is backed up by technical support teams in France, Spain, UK, and the USA, along with local support crews across Australia.

The Codex range is available in a completely touchless format to meet today’s changing requirements and tomorrow’s needs – while still being open to new technologies.

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