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Reporting in Carpark Management Systems

The importance of reliable data for your carpark

Managing a carpark isn’t always as easy as it looks. Carparks have many different aspects of their operations, and ensuring that each one is operating and functioning in its most profitable and reliable way will determine the success of your carpark operation.

This success can be measured both in profitability and by the continual improvements made to the user experience. A critical part of management of any carpark is the ability to access reliable data and reports.

In this news post, we’ll look at why accurate parking data is so crucial for your business – and how you can access it consistently and reliably.

What to look for in carpark management reports

Reports from a car park management system can be compiled in a variety of ways, and ensuring they can be exported in a reliable data format is critical.

Depending on the type of carpark management system you opt for, reporting procedures can be scheduled automatically or produced on demand. Reports can be generated in Excel, .csv files, PDFs, or even in custom formats to suit a particular corporate requirement.

Of course, to produce the report the carpark management system must have the capability to accumulate the data in the first place. That’s why accuracy of information is a critical factor when determining the reliability of reports.

Ensuring reporting accuracy for your carpark

At Parcsafe we don’t believe that anything less than 99.9% accuracy is good enough. That is why – in keeping up with our core value of Innovation – we are continually searching for ways to push our success to 100% guaranteed.

Working with two of our global innovation companies, Parking Logix and Orbility, we can ensure reporting accuracy regardless of your system requirements.

That means completely accurate reporting, whether you are looking simply for car counting and OpenSpace availability data, or reporting on the completed entry and exit requirements through revenue reporting, user type demographics, length of stay, overstays, and tenant usage.

In fact, the Multipark Central Management System can generate over 70 standard reports including:

Report No           Report Name

200         Cashier

201         Daily Cashier

202         Cashier – Transaction Counters

203         Exceptional Transaction / Cashier

204         Financial Activity – Summary

205         Financial Activity – by Payment Plan

206         Credit Card Payments

207         Occupancy

208         Duration of Parking

209         Payment with data range

210         Maximum occupancy

211         Vouchers – by voucher

212         Vouchers – by issuer

215         Overstays – by card

216         Overstays – by subscriber

217         Overstays – recap

220         Payment by Equipment (D)

221         Payment by Equipment (H)

222         Payment by Equipment (Y)

223         Frequency of use – by equipment (D)

224         Frequency of use – by equipment (H)

225         Frequency of use – by equipment (M)

226         Frequency of use – by Carpark (D)

227         Frequency of use – by Carpark (H)

228         Frequency of use – by Carpark (M)

229         Payment by method of payment (D)

230         Payment by method of payment (M)

231         Payment by method of payment (Y)

232         Cash out (D)

233         Cash out (M)

234         Cash out Balance (Y)

235         Use of Prepaid card by amount

236         Use of CD E/S by time

237         Use of CD E/S by amount

238         Use of Payment CD by time

239         Subscribers run through report

240         Summary of prepay cards

241         List of vehicles present – since N days

242         List of vehicles present

243         List of Vehicles within date range

244         List of Vehicles exited within date range

245         List of Vehicles present within date range

246         Manual Barrier opening report

247         Remittance Report

248         Report on exit authorisation for LP under surveillance

249         Report on non-recharged Navigo passes

255         Cumulative financial activity (D)

256         Cumulative financial activity (M)

257         Cumulative financial activity (Y)

258         Cumulative financial Summary (D)

259         Cumulative financial Summary (M)

260         Cumulative financial Summary (Y)

265         Pre-Paid Reservations amount

266         Pre-Paid Reservations transactions

267         Pre-Paid Reservations overstays

268         Pre-Paid parking amount

269         Reservations present – from… to….

270         Reservations expected at entrance

271         Reservations expected at exit

272         Amended reservations

273         Payment by Category

274         Cashier report between two cash-outs (by cashier

280         Vehicles enter and exit by date range

281         Valets entered and exit by date range

Get more information about Carpark Management Systems reporting

If you’d like to find out how our accurate reporting can improve your bottom line, get in touch with a Parcsafe technical consultant today on 1300 987 645 or contact us online.